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Went straight to 120 FOW then made our way to 150 a got a ten pound king on a orange and pink with dingle berries (YEK SPOON) see pic. On the rigger set to 95'

Not too long after landed a decent laker. Same spoon same rig.

Next a throw back Laker same spoon same rig.

Finally a pig Laker on a Pickle Sniffer on the other rigger. 95' feet down. Speed varied and was having trouble keeping it under 3 with the waves that weren't supposed to be there.

Would have stayed longer but (damdist thing) I didn't have it in me. Around 10:30 I called it and said for the crew to get me to shore. Dizzy, blurred vision, muscle weakness and confusion added up to... dehydration. Never had it before and hope to not have it again.





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I love those dingle berries. I have several good producing spoons that have them. I'll have to look for some of those Yeck versions.

Nice work and thanks for the report and spoon pic!

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My fault. Started a new med and it dried me out the night before. In the pic you can see by the pruning of my palm that it set in.

They say you need to hydrate the night before, and by the time the symptoms set in you are kinda stuck for a while.

The wind and the sun it can dry a guy up pretty quick.

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