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Fishing Little Traverse Bay


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Heading to Harbor Springs mid August.  No downrigger on my 19 foot Lund. Is it possible to go after Lakers and Salmon using Dipsy Divers?  What depths would I need to get to?  Any info would be appreciated.  Usually fishing Walleye in Lake Erie and Detroit River

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Yes, the depth needed would depend on water temps and conditions at the time you are there.  Do you have a depth finder, look for marks and target that depth.   Most divers comes with a depth chart showing how much line you need to let out to get to a certain depth.

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Yep have a Lowrance system. Staying on the East Bay, but the 19’ Lund can be put any where.  
Any thoughts West vs East??  Heading up next week. 
Green Flys with spin doctor and Mag Dipsy. Or spoons??

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