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8/2 PM: 1 for 1

Fished solo ~6:30-9:00pm 

24.5# King in 140’ FOW South, 46 down–on white spin doctor with blue fly


8/3 AM: Ed ‘Littleboat’ joined me this morning. 3 for 5

Left dock at 5:30, fished until ~noon. 

Started North in 110, worked back and forth out to 165 & back to 100, staying north to be away from Holland tournament. 

Caught ~5# Laker fairly early and soon lost another off same spin doctor that caught the king in the evening, but with green fly, both hits 40 down.

Then had a long lull period with little to show until about 11am, when suddenly 3 hits in quick succession in 100-110’.

-        Steelhead (lost) on 5 color with std NBK spoon. Gave a nice show though.

-        8.5# Steelhead on DR, 45 down on mag double orange crush

-        6.5# Coho on Dispey 102 back on 2 – white spindoctor NBK colors fly.

Lots of boats out today, water was glassy flat.

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