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Where to launch in Holland?

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I'm looking to launch in Holland but the last time I looked The DNR launch on Ottawa Beach Rd by the Yacht Basin was underwater and not open for use. Can anyone fill me in on whether this is still the case? I sold my Proline a few years ago to get into walleye fishing and now I'm fishing out of a 20' Lund. I'd like to get back into salmon fishing on a more limited basis. Thanks for any info. If I'm out on the water I'll be on the radio as Addaline. 

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There's also Dutton (Dunton?) Park on the north side, Kollen Park on the south side, an unnamed township launch on the south side, and a dead end road next to the Tiara townhouse off Jenison Street in the no wake zone on the south side that has no dock.  This used to be a 4L Jeep only launch but with the high water I've seen a minvan launching jet skis there.  Bring snacks for the ducks too, they know my kayak by now.

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