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off holland morning of Tuesday, July 30

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4 for 5

1 big mature king

1 3yr old king

2 lakers

all hits came between 7.30am-10.00am in 125-130fow just south of Holland off sliders

deep diver 120 out went four times green jeans spindoc fly

copper 300 went once, green jeans moonshine hologram 

they would only bite if we cut the current and waves and trolled SW which was challenging 

glad we got out this morning... were going to go tonight but oh baby that would've been bouncy!





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Thanks - we did not run a probe so not sure on a temp break - had very low expectations going into trip so just hit em with a wide spectrum running 12 rods - but again it seemed that the only bite was in that 60-75 down - we ran:

2 halfs

2 fulls

1 copper 300 hybrid*

1 copper 200

2 high diver braid 225 out

2 low diver braid 120 out ****

2 riggers 80-100 down

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