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Not much happening with this very cold water everywhere. Fish are really scattered.


Tuesday :

I took my "Littleboat" and hugged the shoreline and piersheads out to about 50 fow Tuesday. I ran thru bait ball after bait ball trying to trick anything to bite but no luck. Finally I headed back and picked up a 19" walleye on my way in.


Wednesday :

Fished 80-120 fow, picked up 4.18# laketrout in 108fow on a screwball spoon used as a slider down 50ft. Water was very cold still no matter where you went. Fish must be on the other side of the lake. Marked only laketrout very close to bottom, but very few. More bait balls were close to shore, but no bite action. Others got just one fish or none. Difficult to find the hungry ones.







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When the lake flips, the options are:

1.  Hit the piers for steel.  The fact that you can't catch kings around the piers in the summer down here tells you all you need to know about kings in the summer in southern Lake Michigan.

2.  Go far enough offshore to find water that hasn't changed in temperature profile.  Those fish are unaffected.

3.  Fish lakers.  They're on the bottom in 80-120' regardless and don't even seem to notice that the surface water changed any.

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We went 5-6 out of Holland last night. We fished from 5-9pm and fished anywhere from 70 fow to 150 fow. We had one hit early on a 200 cu in 115 feet that was a nicer fish but lost it. It was dead until 8pm when we hit a double with a very nice laker probably in the 20 lb range (didn't have a scale) and a smaller king. Then we hit a very nice king (20 + lbs) in 135 fow on a wire dipsy with a monkey puke meat rig out 165'. The other fish were both lakers one nicer sized one and one smaller. Both kings came on the same meat rig on the diver. 2 trout were on a yellow dodger with prism tape on one side with a pink spin n glo. 300 cu also took one laker as we pulled lines. 135-100 fow was where we took all the fish and we were slightly north to straight out from the piers. 

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