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South Holland 7/17 AM 3 for 5

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Arrived at launch around 5:30 am. Ran down to the "sliders" and started setting lines in 105 @ 6 am on a S troll. Initially set an all salmon spread as the sun was coming up. After about 30 minutes I started switching a few things out for trout. Wasn't having a lot of success. Turned north at Saugy and moved out to deeper water (120) and picked up 1 small trout on a SD/spin glo combo on rigger but lost it trying to flip it in the boat without the net. Got another LT on wire diver SD/SG combo and lost it. Got another LT on wire diver. Picked up a good sized Laker on a blue Flounder Pounder spoon down 60 on rigger. Picked up one more LT on the rigger bouncing bottom with the Mellow Yellow SD/spinny combo on rigger. No silver bites. Pulled lines at 10:30. Finished 3-5 on trout. SOG was 1.8 - 2.2. Speed at ball was 2.0-2.5


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