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7-4 am Port Sheldon

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Fished 100-150 fow.  4 hits in 150.  100, 150 coppers and a five color.  Orange spoon.  Orange dodger.  Purple spoon.

2.5-3.0 at the ball down 45 feet. South troll.

3 steelhead & a coho.

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Went back out this morning.  3-5.  4 steelhead (2 were escape artists) and a big coho.  115-130 fow.  South troll.  2.0-2.2 gps.  Pulled lines at 10 am.

Purple spoon on 150 copper took 2 hits.

Purple spoon on free slider on rigger took 1 hit (ball at 60 ft.)

Mag Blue Dolphin on 300 copper took 1 hit

White/Blue Spin Doctor & Meat Rig on Rigger down 90 took 1 hit.

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Made it three trips in a row.  Fished the same water.  Steelhead had moved on.  Not nearly as many fish marked as the past few days.

Went 3-4.  Laker, coho, smaller king.  2 on meat on divers back 120-140.  Another on a weird herring lure.

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Sad to hear the steelhead have moved, probably out to deeper water. They sure were fun to catch for a couple of weeks. I go up to Ludington this week. I hope to find some Kings. 

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