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Got to the launch at 5:20 am. Ran West-northwest out of port to 125 FOW and set lines on a S troll (fished basically straight out all morning). Picked up a lake trout on a wirediver meat rig. Tossed it back. Picked up another small laker on rigger 80 down with a Moonshine Blue Jeans mag spoon. Tossed it back. Had a short strike on 225 copper with a live wire sd and pickled sunshine fly. Kept working 120-130 and landed a 10# steelhead on a 350 copper with a showtime sd and fly combo. Bite slowed down and we tried out to 150 with nothing to show. Started trolling back into 120's and picked up a smal coho on the 225 Live Wire in 140. Worked the 120's at a slower speed (2.5 SOG) and  picked up 3 more bites all on the same 225 lw combo. One nice coho that spit the hook about 50 feet from the boat, a 13# King, and a 6 # coho. 




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