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Late report - 6/22 SH - 3 for 3

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Sorry for the late report, but having password issues.

Went NW to 120 fow and set two riggers @ 90' Then held NW out to 150-160

Fish marks were spotty but did pick up a nice king (20lb) on a blue flounder pounder around 130'

turned around and ran thru the same water in the opposite direction and got a nice sized laker (if you like that sort of thing) on the same rig.

half hour or so later picked up a decent steel head on the copper and a spoon that I can only describe as a green dolphin little cleo. Still trying to find another one.

I was having a time keeping speed steady for some reason the subtroll was flopping all over when the waves got behind me :) but tried to stay between 2.5 and 3

Thinking of heading to Holland this week end.



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