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    • Planer board speed question.

      Alright everyone, I joined this board because no one local to me (South Carolina) uses the large board and mast system. Everyone uses the inline planer boards. So I joined here because I figured you guys would be the right people to talk to to learn this technique.  Personally I don’t like to run the inline boards designed for striper and catfish trolling because they tend to dive when fighting a fish even after they release and also I like to use a set of medium light striper rods for most

      in General Discussion

    • Penterwater 9/16, mid-day, 2 for 2

      We ran West to the shelf off Pentwater targeting steelhead.  This is something I haven’t done before.  Usually I’ll throw some high lines for steelhead while I’m targeting kings and they typically do well.  But, decide to give the deep water a try.  Did what research I could on this and looked like guys were using keel sinkers and targeting the top 10 feet of the water column.  My 100 Cu lines usually produce for me, so I threw 1 of those out and the other 5 lines where higher.  We only ran a 6

      in Michigan Waters Fishing Reports - Salmon and Trout

    • Frankfort 8/31, mid-day trip 1 for 3

      Took the whole family up to Frankfort hoping to find some cohos for the kids. It was a mid-day trip (11 am - 5:30 PM) so we don't have to deal with cranky kinds the next day.   Asked for a fishing report on the way out of the harbor. One guy said "Try Lake Superior". Another said he didn't have a hit since 6 am. Hmmm...not what I was hoping to hear.   We threw a 15 rod spread at them today. Covered water 20 foot down to 90 foot. Worked from 50 fow out to 350 and then back in

      in Michigan Waters Fishing Reports - Salmon and Trout

    • Holland mid-day 08-24

      Worked 170 to 240 FOW, 42o 42’ to 42o 44’ Lat. between 1:30 & 5:30 with a 6 rod steelhead program.  Got bit 8X and would up 2 for 5, both steelhead.  Slide divers 30'-40' down saw most of the action with Greasy Chicken Wing, Monkey Puke and Green Dolphin on a copper blank spoon getting most of the action.  Basically copper/gold was the menu ticket.  Had one big screamer on a dodger/crystal fly that came off after taking at least 200' of line out.  Never got a chance to fight the fish, it had

      in Michigan Waters Fishing Reports - Salmon and Trout

    • Pentwater, Jun 29, 4 for 6, mid-day

      Took the kids out today.   Started in 170 and trolled west looking for cooler water. Got a throwback king on a 100 Cu double orange crush as we were setting our 4th line. Marked some fish around 180 fow. Surface temp dropped to 59 degrees in 200 fow, but no marks. Went out to 205 but the sonar was empty. Turned east. Got hits between 170 and 150 fow. South troll in that range was beat with a double on inn157 fow.   Finished 4 for 6. 100 Cu double orange crush went twice, NBK on a SWR

      in Michigan Waters Fishing Reports - Salmon and Trout

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