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Fished out of Saugatuck, and in 60 to 120 fow of water both days.  Really slow, but good weather and calm yesterday.  Nice days to be out fishing, but fish seemed scattered.  As well as the boats.  Plus, for some reason out of Holland and Saugatuck nobody ever has their radios on, or just dont like to respond.  Because its nearly impossible to get a report when your headed out!!!Other then that meat rigs and spoons from 30 to 65 down we fished.  Only 2 fish to show in both days.  Surface temps vary, and for the most part its around 50 to 47 degrees down 45.  Marked some bait and trout.  Not sure, other then headed out further next time.  But water is cold close in still.  Real cold.  Get pockets of colder temps all over.  Had 2 good weeks of fishing then poof.  Anyway that just makes it sweeter when you really hammer them.  If anyone has done good in the area respond?  Its all about the info!! The Mary Gail 

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Last year the fish were offshore and north.  Guys who could make it out 15+ miles were finding fish.  That's too far for me, even if the weather is perfect.  I'll be looking for kings last  2 weeks of July in the Holland area in 140-250.  If I can't find any, I'll move north.

It might be a good idea to focus on steelhead right now, considering the surface temps are cooler still.  Orange spoons up high, and then run 1 to 2 lines deeper for kings.

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