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South Haven, 6-8, AM. 7 for 8

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Set lines at 6 in 85 feet of water. Got all lines set on a west troll without a hit. Went with the waves on a south, southwest troll around 100 feet of water. Hits were slow but steady until 830, fished until 915 but no hits after 830. 300 copper with UV Mongolian beef took 3, 300 copper with UV blue jeans took 2, tin can on wire diver ticking bottom took a small laker, 100 copper with jordo took a 12 pound steelhead. Lost one on rigger down 70 with UV bloody nose.

Ended with 4 kings, one coho, a steelhead and a laker. Marked lots of bait and all of the fish were full of alewives. Kings were not big, 5-8 pounds.

Did see 2 steelhead caught on the pier on our way in and the river was full of alewives on our way out in the morning.

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Great job. Thanks for the report. Thought the fish might have moved on, but thanks to your success I'm going to going to give it a try again asap, but you can bet I'm going to have our lines in the water earlier than last trip. 

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