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Pentwater, 6/6 AM & PM 19-24

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Got home from Pentwater at about 2:30 AM.  Got a little sleep and wanted to give you guys and update before getting the boat set up for walleye fishing.  

We were setting lines by 5:20 yesterday AM.  Started in 48 FOW and were on fish as the we set our 3rd line.  For the next hour and a half it was like that.  Love the chaos!  We put 7 smaller kings and 1 steelhead in the box by 7 am (and missed another one).  All hits came in 48 - 55 fow, most around 20 - 30 feet down.  Big white paddle and fly took 3, orange, blue and green spoons took the others.  Most had some element of glow to it.  You could probably catch one on your shoe if it glowed.  Circled around came back through the same area we had just spent an hour and a half in, just a little deeper and got a couple more.  I figured they were moving out deeper, but I don't think they ever did.  We ended up heading West and got a few more in the 160 - 180 range, but no marks.  Came back in and still found them in the 50' - 60' range, but they weren't hitting.  Picked up a laker on that final troll.  Ended the morning 11 for 13.  Most were small kings (5 - 10 pounds), one 17 pounder, 2 steelhead, 1 laker.  For the morning, most of the hits were in the top 40 FOW.  

Got the fished clean, swapped out the crew and headed back to the same 50' - 60' water at 3:30 PM.  Got a nice king within one minute of having a blue flounder pounder down 30 on a SWR (first line set).  Then nothing.  Trolled that same area 50-60, then 60 - 70, then 70 - 80.  Marked a lot of fish, nothing real big, but still no takers.  Headed west.  Had a couple of hits on the way out to 170 fow, small kings.  Things picked up as the sun was about to set.  Ended up getting a nice 18 pounder and 19 pounder in 110 fow.  Got a few more hits in that 110 - 90 fow range at sunset.  Finished 8 for 11.  1 steelhead, 1 coho, the 2 nice kings and the rest were smaller range kings again.  Had a first time salmon fisherman with me.  He was a friend of my son's from high school.  He had a lot of fun. 

We only saw 5 other fishing boats all day.  4 in the AM and 1 in the PM.  That is in as far as the eye can see...only 5 boats.  Lake was calm all day.  Most of our fish were taken just north of the dunes.  Surface temp was 62 degrees in that area.  Not sure where all the big kings are but the younger classes represented well.  Mainly a spoon bite for us.  No hits on the meat rigs.  Most of the fish were in the top 40 fow.  250 and 300 coppers and deep divers didn't take a bump all day.  Slide divers on 3 setting with the #3 ring back 135 and 150 took fish.  100 and 200 Cu took fish.  Riggers down 25 to 40 took fish.

Gotta get the boat switched over for walleye.  Leaving in a couple of hours.  Tight lines boys! 

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Nice job!  I'll be heading up north tomorrow.  Not sure where I'll stop.  The original plan was to go to Manistee, but I may stop sooner.

Good luck with the walleyes!

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