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Started the day out at 1pm. On our way out a crew was nice enough to give us a pointer of running out to 120. Tried that for a few hours with no marks or bites running a wide verity of presentations. On a hunch from the cold water moving in we started our way in towards shore where we made our way to 80’s. Started to get steady bites as long as we were on a NE or E troll. Hung out there most of the time picking away at cookie cutter kings and cohos. Nothing to write home to mom about. Understanding we had to drive 3 hours back to the east side we started our troll back in to the pier. That’s when it happened. Upon getting inside of 70 the hits were fast and furious all the way into 50. Although most were the cookie cutter less than 10lbs fish. Lost one good one at the back I would assume was in the 12-14lbs range. All in all 12/14 on the night ending at 7pm. Glow spoons with some orange and green worked best. Nothing on flashers or meat. Funny thing was we never marked a fish all night. Guys out deep were marking fish but no bites. My assumption the north blow messed up all the fish and the big ones are out deep but not biting. A buddy in holland had the same smallish fish results as me in shallow.


On a side note... what radio channel is everyone using? I switch between 68 and 72 most of the trips making calls every hour or so. In my 4 trips this year I’ve NEVER gotten an answer from anyone. I’m not sure if people want to keep quiet about where the fish are, but if I’m on fish I will ALWAYS speak up. It’s kind of scary to think if something happens out there nobody is listening.



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You should be hearing someone on the radio. My last trip out Grand Haven I was picking up boats from Holland to Whitehall. Some guy wasn't catching fish so he turned channel 68 into a trivia channel for a hour or so.

On some radios, you can turn your broadcast power down from 25 watts to 1 watt. That way you are only getting picked up by the boats really close to you. Maybe yours is switched to 1 watt?

I had an issue with my radio last year where I could hear people just fine, but no one could hear me. It wouldn't transmit. Maybe yours just can't receive?

Next time you launch, ask another boat to help you with a radio check right there at the dock. That is one piece of equipment you need to rely on, especially if you get out of cell range.

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My radio doesn't work on the high power setting unless the motor is running.  It need higher voltage to transmit.  Took me a few years to figure that out.

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