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Added 6/2 AM:

2 for 2 today....7:00am-11:00am

8# King in 110, 35' down on Mag Blue dolphin;   10# Laker in 65', 45' down on Mag Stinger Yager Bomb.   Both  ~2.6SOG, with the waves.

Laker had a Magnum sized Ale in stomach, King was empty

Marked some bait balls in top 30' near the Buoy, but marked very few fish today, marked a lot more on Saturday.


6/1 AM:

Fished 7:00-10:30 till the thunderstorms rolled in.

Had 2 hits on mag stinger yager bomb, 40 down on rigger, and 2 other hits on same spoon in a mixed veggies pattern - 55 and 45 down. 

Of these, only landed a 6# king. Not sure why hook up ratio is so low, hooks are very good. Maybe smaller fish slashing at it.

All in 65-70 FOW, all on South troll into the waves.


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added 6/2
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Thanks for the reports.  I heard of some nice kings being taken up at Manistee this weekend.  They're spreading out.  

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