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Solo, went 2 for 3, 15# king and 3.5# coho. Lost 3rd one as he unhooked on pull in. All 3 hits on DR'S back 50. 1st one at 8:07am in 115fow with ball down 84ft. Second one at 10:27 am in 146fow down 90ft. All hits on frozen blue dolphin. No hits on dipsys or board lures. West and SE trolls 2.6 to 2.9. Lake was nearly flat. Surface temp 49.2 ball depth temp 44.7-45.6.

Meant Fishoak at launch also. Always interesting to run across Web site handles.

I guess there were over 100 boats in Holland.










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Good to meet you littleboat.
I worked similar water (110 to 160) yesterday ending with a 16# king that came on a Stinger mixed veggies 55' down.
Lost two other fish, and had several 'nobody home' rod pops.
Went out of PS again this morning 5/27 with PennStater - real nice guy.
The lake was completely flat 6:30-11:30 and sunny - the fish were missing in waters 90-160. We only managed one 8# laker on a mag flounder pounder 65' down in ~130. Our only other hit was on a 5 color with a mag blue dophin that did not stick.

One the way in we came upon a 10' section of dock floating down the channel. It must have broke free with the high water. We were able to get it back to the launch and out of the water - could have been a real surprise for someone if at speed.

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It will probably change soon, but if you're going out again soon try fishing in closer.  Fish have been shallower - 60-100 fow. 35-55 ft down .

This is the program that worked for us Sunday morning in Port Sheldon, outside of 110FOW was dead. Did most of our damage in 90-110FOW, blue green dolphin and RV Wonderbread were best. Riggers 40-50ft down and 30-50ft back, and 200-250 coppers took our fish. Was on the water from 6-10am with six rods and finished 5/6 all kings.

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