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Fished 7:30 to noon and went 2 for 2 with a 20 # and 17# King in the box. Caught them about 9:30 and 10:00 when the sun came out. The small one came in 158 FOW on a free slider with the rigger down 58 on a small zombie apocalypse from GL Tackle (White/red/green). The 20 pounder came in 178 FOW on a rigger down 65 on a larger version of the same spoon. Both had bellies full of alewives although I did not mark many fish or bait pods all morning. Surface temps were 45 to 48 and it was 43 to 45 down 50 to 70 at the ball.IMG_5033.thumb.JPG.4d2c9a696091f267e8b7f9eabe23c2e2.JPG IMG_1766.thumb.JPG.e5a6c354d388195c997fc5435e6428a6.JPG



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