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11-12. 4 kings, 6 lakers and 12 lb Steelhead. Tossed a small laker and King back. Excited new guy got broke off on a big king. My fault, I did a better job of coaching him on the rest of his fish. Dropped lines in 60' and trolled out to that same 90'-115' area we did so good on Monday and back in to 90' but only had 3 fish to show for our efforts by 11:30. Thought about going in because I saw boats in 50'-60' on our way out, But I decided to head out and started catching fish immediately upon hitting 130'. Kept going to 160', but turned back because we were running out of time. Could have stayed longer and kept catching fish out there. We were still catching fish even as we were pulling lines. 30 min wait at the fish cleaning station. 1/2 core, full core, 200 and 300 Cu. all worked. My tin can dodger with the green prism tape and spin and glow on the deep down rigger got hot again taking 4 fish along with RV Moonshine Flounder Pounder, UV Blue Dolphin, UV Jager Bomb spoons. My custom pink painted spoons only took one and the big king that broke off. 

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