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Went 12-15 in St. Joe today. 9 kings including one 22 lb and two 20 lb fish, two Coho including a nice 10 lb fish and one laker. Best depth was 95' to 115' mostly NW of pier. Everything took fish. 5 color, 10 color, 200' and 300' of Copper and down riggers set anywhere between 55' to 75' down. Hot lures were Moonshine RV Flounder Pounder, Moonshine RV Craig's Flounder, Green Dolphin, Jager Bomb and a couple of UV lures doctored up with a pink paint stick as shown in the photo. Green and something with pink on it were the best colors. I don't have photos of the spoons my buddy was running, but here are mine.





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8 hours ago, 3Bros said:

What a great day. I thought we had it pretty good Saturday, but it has been on fire the last 2 days. If this holds it might be worth another trip down this weekend. 

Weather permitting, I plan on going back on Saturday. 

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18 minutes ago, RedRider said:

Awesome report with pictures of the spoons. Bought ready to make a road trip from the dead west side.

You might want to save your self some gas. I've seen some decent Facebook catches from further south on your side of the lake. Unfortunately like most things on Facebook, all you get are photos, no details. I figure if you don't say where and how you got the fish your just bragging.  Feel free to come on over. New Buffalo and St Joe are on fire right now. 

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19 minutes ago, seahawk said:

Great Pic Tarrey it was a great day on the lake.

A good day of fishing always beats working, oh yea, that's right, neither of us work any more.   Going to have to find someone to give fish to. The wife is already complaining about how full the secondary freezer is with fish. 

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Good job Tarrey. Your doctored spoons worked well. I’ll have to get some more stick paint n doctor up some of my NBKs like yours.

When we were fishing next to you we were getting frustrated with no hits but as soon as we passed u in 111 we got one on and  we worked 121’ area as well.

We are doing St Joe again early next week.

Get ‘em Saturday!

Lost a few spoons yesterday, so just replenished  them with an order to Capt John King.

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