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5/4 Water temp was 47.  it was blowing pretty good. There was a cold window blowing from the NE off the 38 degree Lake Huron water.  Waves were  3 - 4s with an occasional 5.  Not something we wanted to fish in, but their direction allowed us to head  N nice and easy into the waves.  We fished the southern side of Point Lookout which was protected from the wind.  No hits and we didn't mark much.  The waves died down by 8:00 and we made it back to port with no issues.

5/5  Water temp was 48.  It was a lot calmer at the started of the day.  Built to 2 footers by evening.  We finished with 6 nice walleye and one pike.  The walleye were 18" to 22".  Fish were hard to come by.  We tried 4 different locations.  We caught fish in 18 fow, 14 fow and 7 fow.  Based on the people we talked to, we did better than most out of Au Gres on Saturday.

5/6  0 for 1. Water temp was 49 - 50.  Couldn't find them.  We only fished half the day.  I wanted to run south but we didn't have the time for it.  We tried water from 8 feet to 30 feet.  Only a couple of marks.  The other guys I talked to were skunked as well.  

It seems like we're a week or two behind from last year.  Still had a good time though.


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