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South Haven buoy number 45168 has been deployed for this year and is reporting wind, waves, etc and lake temp from surface down almost to it's anchor. It also has a webcsm like most of the GLOS buoys do.
Cooke buoy 45068 has not been deployed yet but I would expect it  to be deployed in a week or so.
You can find a summary of all the Great Lakes buoys at
"glbuoys.glos.us. The spread sheet has a summary of conditions at each buoy and you click on it for full data.
Also, you can get instant wind n gusts, air temlp. water temp (surface only) and wave height by texting 866 -218-9973. Just text the buoy number to the toll-free number and text response will be buoy conditiins.
Wishing you a safe, fun 2019  boating/fishing season.

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