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Got 3 man limit in 4 hours: 8:30-12:30.
17 for 20; threw back one foul hooked and one on when we pulled lines.
18-20fow; 45-47 degree water; mile south of water plant to concrete wall; sog 2.4 to 2.8; uphill troll (north) and south caught same amount; threw back one foul hooked and one on when we pulled lines; partly coudy to sunny.
Lazy SW 2-4s, to lazy 2-3s to build up chop 2-4s starting around 11:30.
J-9 Orange jointed rapalla, CJ King regular size SUV Skinny Minnie and glo silver spoon with yellow and black ladder (yellow killer) back all took fish.
Rapala on rigger down 10’ and on board out 60’; 2 2colors and lime green size “0” dipsey on 3 back 30’ took fish.
No hits on CJ GOC or White lighting spoons.
Cloudy to partly cloudy; SW lazy 2-4s to lazy 2-3s to around 11:30 2-4 choopy buildup.

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I was going to do South Haven because a Sunday report showed 2  man limit in 4  hours, but I was pretty sure the heavy Monday NNW wind would blow a lot of the warm water (that came up from weekend SW 70 degree winds) south. I guessed correctly; also Fishin Hole said they were in.

Better  get them in next few weeks or so before they move out to deeper water. When they school up real tight in shallows they are easier pickings like walleye.

Most fish were caught between the brown house on the hill to the blue house just before the concrete wall.

Don't be afraid to run a little hot like I said, 2.4-3sog.

Capt Dan out

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We found out last year in Erie west basin  that walleye wanted a hot speed also. We ran same 2.4 to 2.9;  4 trips 66 ‘eyes’. Unheard of; walleye speed is always like 1.8 to 2.3 or so. Work speed.

If you get a hit on starborad side while turning left (where SB lures will speed up) then you were trolling too slow. Likewise if port side goes  off on that same turn you are trollong too fast, etc.

The slogan for driving, “speed kills” 

works  for fishing too.

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