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We were 5 for 9 Friday afternoon.  1 for 3 on a N troll.  Everything else came on a south troll.  20 fow was best.  We came off the lake early because the kids wanted to swim in the pool.  Orange 00 dodger or a 6" orange UV spin doctor with a 1" marti gras fly took 5 hits.  Got 1 on a blue/silver thin fin, one on a 6" orange spin doctor with a orange fly, one on a silver smithwick.  Can't recall the others.  Baits were presented 5 to 12 feet down.  The SWR (50' Cu) behind a board took 3.  I also used dive bombs on plain mono setups.


SOG was 2.7 going south.  Played with 1.8 - 2.7 going north.  Seemed a little fast to me for this time of year and our baits, but we got hits so I didn't change anything until the bites stopped when we spun back north.  I didn't break out the fishhawk to check currents.


We fished south for an hour or so and then back north and then went to the pool.  2 of the North bound hits happened right out in front of the river mouth.


We'll be back out today after a breakfast run and another trip to the pool.FB_IMG_1554548075674.jpegFB_IMG_1554548068082.jpegFB_IMG_1554548060069.jpeg


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Nice catch, nice job with the kids!

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