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St Joe/Dnr launch docks are in

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Nope, Fished to past concrete wall n nothing. About dozen other boats by us with the skunk still in the boat. One guys boat had 12, fished from chalets to Cooke with only 2 at Cooke: guy at end of pier had 4; guy in middle got 1coho n 1 whitefish. That wfish surprised me.

Nice day on the lake n fished next to the ice later because it was acting like a vertical thermocline and was holding in 40-42 degree river water. Some marks but no takers. Water temp south was fine 35-37, n that area usually holds fish: but not Tuesday.

Will be out again in SJ week of 4/9 in my boat and jigging for eyes in Detroit River the week after in one of my mates’ boat.



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