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Idea for “Great Lakes Trolling License Stamp”

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On 2/5/2019 at 12:01 PM, fishnut101 said:

what are they planning to do with the money?  if its s good cause I would buy one but I wouldn't fish with more rods.  I think more than 6 is too many. JMO


Study the Kirkland warbler or increase Rolf Peterson's budget to import more Canadian wolves to Isle Royal.  There are innumerable places to misapply funds. 


Six rods? Solo?  How many arms do you have?

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I think it is a great idea.   I would like to see any revenue generated dedicated to improving  king salmon, coho salmon, steelhead or brown fisheries since our lakes are now being dominated by Lk Trout.  Lot of uses for the revenue to improve the science to manage our resources.  For example, Feds want to stop funding coded wire tag research for salmon.  This is key data that is needed to evaluate inter-lake movement of kings and success of stocking locations so we can get the best bang for our buck for our reduced stocking program.

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I see an imminent de-incentive for any sport fishing improvements, including a trolling stamp” with the new “One-Laker” regulation coming for Grand Traverse Bays.

This new regulation takes the wind out of any trolling rod increases for most of the spring/summer. From 1 August to 15 Sep it may be useful.

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i see no reason for rod limits already.there are limits for how many fish you can catch and have in your freezer.one more way to charge you more for fishing.i would not pay more to run more rods.not trying to sound negative.but if they planted more fish you could run less poles.

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Thanks for all the feedback and comments to this thread.

 We did receive feedback from the DNR that they are not opposed to making a change regarding Rod Limits for Great Lakes Trolling; however, the DNR is not currently allowed under Michigan Sate law to make a change like this.

 In order to allow the DNR to have the ability to adjust the regulations, we would need one of our state legislators to introduce a proposal to the State House Committee on Natural Resources to update section 324.48703 of Part 487 of the NREPA statute. This may not be as complex as it sounds – that statute has been updated several times in the past.

 I have collated a lot of the comments and ideas around this proposal and emailed a request on Feb 17 2019 to our members of the State Legislature who represent the areas having the most heavily used Ports on Lake Michigan (listed below) asking if one of them would consider bringing it forward to the Natural Resources committee.

 Unfortunately, none have thus far replied to the mail.

 I will be re-sending the email again in the near future.

If anyone would like to be on copy to that email, please send me a –Private Message- with your email address, and I will include you.

 Thank you.


 Proposal was sent to the following Michigan State House Representatives:

Jim Lilly, Terry Sabo, Jack O’Malley, Scott VanSingel, Mary Whiteford, Beth Griffin, Pauline Wendzel, and Triston Cole

CC to Gary Howell (Chair of State House Committee on Natural Resources)

 The following is an example of how 324.48703 could be amended in a fairly straightforward way to provide the DNR the ability to set rod limit regulations as they determine are appropriate, including being able to set rod limits differently for Great Lakes trolling vs Inland fishing.


A person shall not use more than 3 single lines or 3 single rods and lines, or a single line and a single rod and line, and shall not attach more than 6 hooks on all lines. The department shall have the authority to decrease the number of rods per angler. However, the department shall not reduce the number of rods per angler to less than 2.”


"The department shall have the authority to regulate the number of rods and lines used per angler, as well as the number of hooks that may be attached to each line. However, the department shall not reduce the number of rods per angler to less than 2."


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I like the idea, but I'd make a different recommendation on the number of "reasonable" lines per boat.  

Instead of 12 lines for up to two licenses on board, I'd suggest 6 lines max for a single  license on board and then 3 lines per additional license on board.  In other words, with two licenses = 9 lines max, 3 licenses = 12 lines max., etc.

I like the original thought of allowing more lines when there is a single fisherman on board.  When I go solo, I would like to run more than 3 lines and would be willing to pay extra as an annual fee to do so.



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