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Tough going so far this season

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So I've been fishing every friday since labor day weekend. Mostly up north on the BM.

I can't buy a steelhead! 

Up till this past friday I was at least getting salmon. Not my target species to say the least but it was somethin. 

Last friday I couldn't even hook one of those. 

Now I know some guys are going to say its early, etc... but I been fishing many years now. I don't remember the last time I didn't already catch quite a few steelhead by the end of oct. 

Something weird going on this year. Either I'm cursed, (entirely possible), or there just aren't many steelhead this year. 

I'm fixen to go again this friday. Sooner or later I got to get into some. Nov is usually I good time for fishing. 

If fish aren't running good by the 15th I'm thinking something is not good with the steelies. 

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