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Went out Saturday afternoon and water was beautiful. Started at 245ft straight out channel and worked back in. Marked good fish at 240ft at 70ft down no takers. Trolled east all the way into 60ft and was skunked for the evening. Had an aray of colors of spoons, flys, and j-plugs but no takers. I'm afraid I'm done unless someone post there hitting again. Grandpas little fisherman.20180915_194433.jpg20180915_171704.jpg20180915_170115.jpg


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Taking a small kid out to 250' in September?  Awesome! 

Not catching anything, well, not so much.  But it was a great day to try.  We got two sheep in four hard hours of trolling in front of Saugatuck.  Could see the bottom easily in 26', could see fish swimming around down there. 

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