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8/26/18, Saginaw Bay, Au Gres, Fishing Report

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We had another blow day yesterday complete with nasty winds, lightning and lots of rain. Going out today I decided to try a spot where heavy southerly winds often push fish into this area. One hour into our first pass though and I was doubting my decision, but eventually the fish started to turn on there better and by the end of that pass, we had 16 walleyes in the cooler. We shortened up the second pass through the most productive area and caught 10 more. At that point things were looking pretty good, but after that though the bite slowed down considerably as it took us nearly the full eight hour charter to finish off my clients 32 walleye limit. These good folks were from both Tawas, MI and Fairbanks, Alaska.  We stuck with a very high percentage trolling spread all day taking almost all our fish off the six Church Tackle Walleye Boards. In fact we didn't catch any walleyes on my two flat lines until the last hour or two, which is odd since all sets were pretty similar, being close to bottom. Lure color was not too important today as we caught fish on both natural spinner/crawler patterns and also bright stuff too. Speed also did not seem to be much of a factor as we got them going slow, medium and fairly fast too. This will be my last fishing report for the season as I only have a short stint left this year on the water and with only a couple open days left on my schedule, I'm winding down.

Capt. Mike Veine


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