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West Mi pier and river 8-24-18

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Fished the south pier at mansitee friday morning. The lake side was very cold water. The river side was surprisingly cool as well but not as cold as the lake. 

Fishing was so so. I hooked two very large fish myself but couldn't get them netted. Broke them off in the rocks. Friend got a really nice male. 25lbs!

Boats seemed to be doing fare. Mostly getting fish from right off the end of the pier. Not gang busters but every so often they would hit fish. 

Wind picked up and I had to leave. Went down to Ludington and same story there. Waves coming over the piers.

Did some exploring up in the river. Pere Marquette. Surprised to find a few fresh salmon in the river. But no biters.

Headed down to the white river pier just to check it out. Waves were really big by this time. Guys surfing in wet suits. Water much warmer than up at Manistee. No fish seen. Pretty much no one fishing. Worked some lures but nothing hapenning. 

Did manage to get me some eggs from some nice boat anglers. 

Heading up for a trip here in a couple weeks. Looking forward to autumn!

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