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Went out for my last two trips before I head home!!

got out about 5:45 and fished till 8:30. Went 2 for 2 with a small king and a brown (13 pounds). 

King came 40 down on a stacker on a MS Sliver and the brown hit on a MS Orange Hulk 48 down on a stacker. I ran all my spoons back 80-100 feet behind the ball instead of 50-60 feet back. 

Went out yesterday afternoon from 5-9:30PM and finally hammered fish

set our first rigger and stacker and before we set out second rigger we had a double, both Atlantics; down 58 and stacker 48 bottom spoon was purple and silver with pink spots top spoons was a greasy chicken wing. Got both down riggers in the water and caught a small king on the purple and silver spoon and 10 minutes later caught a small king on a SS Mongoose 50 down. 

Got that reset and caught a steelhead on the stacker 40 down on a double orange crush. 

At that point we had 5 fish within an hour and a total weight of 12 pounds so no size. We circled back picked up another Atlantic on the purple and silver spoon 58 down. Went through our points a few more times with nothing and trolled out to 70 FOW and picked up another brown on the double orange crush .   Circled back around picked up another Atlantic on the Mongoose. It started to rain and had some lightning in the distance so we packed up and headed in. 

We fished the west entrance and coat’s point on the shelf. A good end to the trip for sure. Our best spoons for the week were SS Mongoose, DW double orange crush, MS Sliver and Stinger NBK. Never had a single rip off a dipsy, a paddle/spin doctor and fly the whole week. Everything came on spoons. We trolled 2.5-2.8 SOG the whole time. 

I hope the fishing gets better for everyone up there and I hope I can make it back soon. 

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