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There should be some showing u  after the north blow tomarow,however im afraid we are just seeing the effects of the plant cutbacks from 4 years ago. There just aren't as many kings on our side of the lake JMHO As for the may kings we get those every spring they are the migraters heading up to the northern ports. 

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Labor Day afternoon 2012 we landed 17 kings, three coho and a 10# walleye doing laps in the channel.  Had 33 hits in five hours.


2015 no fish in harbor.

2016 no fish in the harbor.

2017 one king and one brown in the harbor, fishing for walleye in October.


I've fished pretty much every cold water flip in September for three years and hooked one king.  Week of Labor Day 16 years ago in the three king limit era I had a 500# week and never put my boat on plane.


So my conclusion is there are next to no mature kings in these parts come mid August as of the last few years.  My offshore trips follow this, good in April, great in May, June is June, July is ok and then a steady drop in kings.

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