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MUskegon 8-13 - 1 for 5

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Fished 8:15 AM - 1:30 PM

Hit the lake a little late - headed NNW to 125 FOW with some scattered marks - temps were 76 on top and 51 down 90'

Stayed on a NNW troll to about 320 - turned back to 200 and headed back to 320.

There were good temps and some bait balls here and there - but we could not get things moving

What worked:

3 rips on wire mag dipsy on 2 - 175 back with green/pearl SD and white fly

1 rip on braided mag dipsy on 2 - 225 back with glo blue jeans SD and blue crinkle fly

1 on DR - 90 down - glow mag green and white mag spoon - 8# steelhead

not many guys seemed to be catching - not sure these fish will ever show up this year!

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