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7/30/18, Saginaw Bay, Au Gres, Fishing Report

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Today's weather forecast was going to be a repeat of yesterday with the predicted winds going decently in the early morning, but then dieing down and switching around as the morning and day progressed. Yesterday we had a good bite early in the morning and we caught 10 walleyes per hour then, but when the winds died down, the spot we were fishing died out on walleye action then too. Yesterday's trip was a short one, so we stayed in that area thinking they would eventually turn back on, but they didn't and my clients came up a couple fish short of their limits. Today though we had a full day trip, so when the bite died in that first spot with the calming and switching winds, we pulled lines and moved to a plan B spot and were rewarded with more and bigger fish in that spot. My clients from Kalamazoo caught their 32 walleye limit and I even got to reel in tomorrow's dinner for my wife and I too. In the first spot we caught all the fish on or near the bottom, but in the second spot, which was over much deeper water, we caught about half the fish on the bottom and half suspended. Color did not mater in either spots with bright colored spinners and natural pattern all working about equally. In the second spot though, with depths in excess of 40 feet, we did troll slower. We did catch sheephead, catfish and white perch in both spots and it is obvious that those species are more abundant than normal this year as they probably had big year classes during the easy winter of 2015, and 2016 just like the walleye did. With tomorrow's forecast for more steady winds, I predict that the fishing will be even better. Tomorrow I will also discuss how the moon phases impact the fishing, which has also been a factor the last few days. Stay tuned.

Capt. Mike Veine

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