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Fished south of Holland, actually pretty close to Saugatuck last night in the 48 degree water on the beach.  Found some gulls feeding in a small pocket of green water than had bait in it - we marked bait, could see bait, snagged some alewifes.  And it was full of trout.  Big, mean, hook and leader destroying steel and nice eater browns.

We ended up 7/13 in two big hours, at one point with a quad on, just two guys in a 14' row boat.  We lost one that may have been a king, broke off a master angler steel that ran the boat then did a 180 and tore off snapping a 12# leader like nothing.  Broke 4 hooks yesterday, three on rapalas and one on a moonshine mag.  Those were all steel as they were out of the water before you could get to the rod

Moonshine magnum double trouble took 4 hits, as did a blue F11 rapala 60' off a yellow bird.  Goldilocks Stinger took 2, the one each on a red thin fish, J11 silver black rapala, and a sliver black prism junior thunderstick.  Browns were 3, 3, and 7#, steel we kept were 8.5, 9, and 12# and we flipped a 10-11# out of the net as not to be greedy as he was in good shape.  The fish that broke off was 14+ easy, and two we lost were well into the double digits and just could not be stopped. 

Was a crazy time.  Working in Indiana right now and seriously considering skipping lunch and commuting 2.5 hours back up to the lake for another shot.

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Targeted walleye last night.  Got a 4# right away and then thought we were going to beat up on them, but maybe 8-10 sheep and a 6# pike until the traffic got to be too much and we gave up at 8:30.

Clipped the gills on the walleye and while the inside of my cooler looks like a murder scene, I pulled a pair of the most beautiful fillets you'll ever see off that fish.

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