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Up and down Michigan mid coast 7/15& 7/16

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7-15AM solo Muskegon

Lines down in Muskegon at 6 am in 70 fow about 2 miles S.  Pick up a Steel right away on J plug on 7 color.  Work area for a while and out to 125fow.  Pick up run 5 miles N of piers and 180 fow.   Work out to 325 with nothing going, troll all the way back into 135-125 and pick up laker and a steel and lose a laker.  Lines up at 11:00.  Survey guy at snug says he's done 15 surveys.  8 blanks, couple 1 and 2's and the biggest box was 4.  4 total kings recorded

7-16AM  Whitehall. 

Have friends up from Indiana and Kentucky.  Run about 2 miles S and drop in 65 fow at 6:45.  Set rigger with Blue killer spinnie and mirage fly down 35.  Start setting Dipsey and the rigger is bouncing.  10 lb King.  Work 65-85 for an hour or 2 with bait marks and a few fish but no bites.  Work out to 120-140 pick up another 10lb king on a Mag Screwball out 130 on 5 slide diver.  That  was it.  Saw marks on bottom all day and had a laker rig down there but no bites.  Found out why as I brought it up as I was pulling lines and my whirly gig was somehow chafed off.  Grumble grumble. Lines up at 11

7-16 PM Holland

Fought a 1-3 foot NW chop all the way up to Port Sheldon so we could turn around and ride them back.  Set down at 6:30 PM in 155 fow and headed South.  Took a 14 lb King on a mag super screw out 185 on 2 mag diver before all lines out.  8PM take a 2 lb  king on a 150CU Stingray KC-1.  10 minutes later 7 lb Steel on same rig.  Started working in for the sunset.  Lost a slider bite down 30 std size inmate UV.  Hit and run on a 300CU with std coyote.  Finally pulling lines at 9:45PM lost a rigger bite on a mag dreamweaver glow spoon white w/pink dots down 40.  Ended up in 110 fow

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