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Muskegon 7/14 & 7/15 AM

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Well, not a whole lot to report, but, avoided the black and white striped kitty both days...barely.

Waited for a little rain to clear on Saturday morning so got a little later start.  Fair number of boats out, the lake was pretty agreeable with just 1-2' rollers.

Set up in 120', and pretty much stayed in the 120-140' range for the morning.  Only taker was a 4 lb laker, 100' down on a rigger, in 138' of water on a yellow flasher with a chrome blue/yellow whirly gig.

Made it out Sunday at dawn and there was hardly a ripple on the lake.  Maybe 6" waves, if that.  Fog never materialized, as forecast, which was nice, too.

Set up in 90'.  Had a vicious rip on the SWR with a Wonderbread j-plug in 138'.  Saw it jumping in the distance and realized it was a steelhead.  It quit jumping and it felt like I was pulling in a log.  I soon could see that the fish was completely wrapped up in the line.  Managed to land it.  Nice 8# steelie.

Kept heading west as I really wasn't marking much.  Had the full core go and the fish had the board buried under the water.  Ending up landing it and it was a 6# steelie that hit a Salmon Buster SUV spoon in 165' of water.

So, that was it.  3 for 3 on trout this weekend.  Still waiting for ol' Mr. King Salmon to show up again...


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At least there's been quite a few steelhead around this year. I don't get it, one of the best springs ever and then they vanish completely! I know they'll be back soon but it certainly seems like it's getting worse before it gets better.

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