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Long time on the lake today 6:30-2pm. Started out for a laker bite, but could not get it to go between holland and saugatuck 120-140 depth. Headed out for deeper water 200 ft, but no marks. Went back to 120-140 range. Marks but no takers. After 6 hours and lots of heat thought I would call it a day.  Started to pull my lines in then BANG!!! 10.33# steelhead hits. Another fish hits my slide diver 1/2 hour later. Both  in the 120 ft range and lots of marks also.

1 for 2, both hits came at the last hour.

1-1 rigger with mag blue dolphin back 45, down 81,east troll, ball temp 47.8, sog 2.5., surface temp 72.

0-1 slide diver with green nbk mag.

Hate those flies!!!!

2018-07-03 15.14.09.jpg

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