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6/26/18, Saginaw Bay, Au Gres, Fishing Report

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We had ever switching winds today, which resulted in a on and off bite all day. We started our with rollers coming in from the northeast and wind from the southeast churning up waves in two different directions. Then it went east and then back southeast, then back east again, then southeast again. Eventually it went east again and then veered northeast and finally it went north just as we were finishing up the trip. Every time I would set up for a trolling pass, the wind would change sending us sideways in the wind. We jumped around for several different spots: Some produced walleyes and some didn't. My clients from Manistee, MI hung in there though and eventually caught their limits of walleyes along with three yellow perch as a bonus. Some of the walleyes were good sized too with most being above average specimens and the biggest being 26 inches. I kept the same high percentage program going all day today with six lures set right on bottom and two up about 22' down. Most fish came off bottom, but the two suspended rigs caught their share too. All our fish were caught in deep water, so slower trolling speeds of 1.3 to 1.4 mph were best. Lure color did not matter on the spinner/crawler rigs. These clients have another trip scheduled with me in July and have done two trips every year for many years. They always seem to get their fish.

Capt. Mike Veine

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