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Set lines in 85’ went out to 115; back to 85, then out to 220 n in to 180. Then pulled lines.’
Both fish downhill,NW troll. Speed 2.5-3sog.
Got laker in 108 on 225 copper on Magnum RV Moonshine Flounder Pounder spoon.
Got coho on Jager Bomb Crush spoon on full core in 180fow.
Had 3 releases on magnum Wonderbread spoon on slider on port rigger down 75’ with no one home.
Best biters were the flies.
Could have worked 100' area for lakers but chose to find some coho and kings outt deeper.
Lady at city launch fish cleaning said 1 or 2 fish per boat.Only 1 king all day cleaned; caught in 100fow.
It was hot until we got to 180 with a breeze and water ripple.
Was glass all the way out.
Supposed to be 0-1s which it was near shore but was same open water where it was supposed to be 1-3s building to 2-4s tonight.
Going north to Holland in 2 weeks.
Monroe, Brest Bay, Erie walleye next week!
Great day on water. Brian, in Muskegon, past coworker in Jackson was able to join us. Great to have him join us!
Honda with new 2,3 cyl coil ran fantastic, like new!

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