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Wood TV says 54 on shore.  I know of some steel taken on the piers.

Set up at the piers and it was 65.  Went 3/4 on sheep with a couple big ones that were fun.  Marked lots of what looked like perch, some here and there and a huge school in 37' off the bath house.

Well 65 works for browns, so down the beach we go.  Got passed by a sweet old mahogany cruiser that had one of the nicest sounding v-8's I've heard in a while.  Then about got ran over by a bunch of women that had 93 miles of lake to go around us but had to go in between us and the beach, and we were in 6' of water at the time.  Found an ~8# dead walleye floating out there.  Sad.  It looked too far gone for tartar sauce to fix, not that you should put sauce on a walleye.

At the dune climb at about 7:45 I recalled JDH's post about 95-100' so we ran out and set up in 95' even though we only had riggers and 1-2 colors.  Put the cores up high and the riggers at 40 and 70, then noticed lots of hooks on the bottom.  Dropped a green dolphin mag SS to the mud and it fired before I could sit down with a nicely colored 8# laker.  Thought we had something, but as we trolled north and in the marks on the bottom dried up.  Some marks and a huge bait ball in the top 40', but no takers on my high stuff.  Packed up at 9 and my crew has to check into work at 5am.



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was out with the kids for the first time on TUES night - Aaron from Lakeshore Tackle said a guy before had 15 kings in 105fow on Mon night so despite it being June we hadn't been out at all this year and had to try.... off the sliders TUES night in 80-105fow we went 9 for 14 with 6 solid kings and 3 lakers - biggest king being just over the 20# mark - everything came on moonshine mag spoons with green jeans being the very best - lots of copper 200 action and 10 color action and also riggers in the that 40-50 down range - was a great start and had over 45 pounds of fillets to show for it



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