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Port Clinton 6/8/18

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Hit the Ohio waters of Lake Erie Erie on Friday 6/8 with my two brothers-in-laws. We ended up 19-21 on the walleye (tossed one U/S fish back) 6 sheepshead, 3-4 white bass and a really nice catfish. It was most definitely a spoon bite. Bigger baits like the hot bandits and thunder sticks we have used on other trips did not get bit.  Ran the same rod and reels and some of the same lures we used for spring Coho fishing in southern Lake Michigan this year with a spread of 2 & 3 color leadcore and 3.5 Mag Lips on mono as our deepest lines running down to 20'. Copper backed UV Jager Bomb walleye size spoon was hottest, standard size UV Whammy salmon spoon took its share, blueberry muffin colored walleye spoons took a couple and a gold/orange/white belly mag Lip was also hot. Made 2 1/2 downwind passes running SW from the NW corner of Kelly's Island down towards the NW corner of Catawba Island. Picked up and motored back to Kelly's island after each of our runs. Speed was 2-2.5 mph on the GPS, occasionally pushing 2.75. Here are the hot lures. The UV spoons have copper backs and the blueberry muffin spoon has a chartreuse back.


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