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Fished solo 7:30-10:30am,  90-120' a bit south of pier

5.5# king in 115 on DR 35' down mag moonshine Purple/Yellow 

5.5# twin king also in 115 on std Dipsy 110 back 2.5 setting green spinner and fly

19.5# king in 110 on DR 40' down mag flounder pounder.

All were on North troll, SOG ~3mph.

Was really nice out there at the starte, but had some pretty good fog at times. When I started pulled lines at 10:30 it had hit as rough as I like to fish when I'm solo in the 19' open bow.

If you were out in a Starcraft Islander and I called to you on the radio asking if you saw me, I was not upset at all about having to change my course. I was really curious if my new LED lights on the mast could be seen very clearly from where you were at. The new LEDs seem brighter than std bulb when I am next to them, but I'm wondering how 'directional' they are vs std bulb. I do like the low power draw...

Lastly...only 3 other trailers in the parking lot today...understandable given the forecast for Rain then wind + Sunday.

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