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Temp probe advice

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I have the x4d.  I'm not sure the depth is worth the extra cash.  There are so many variables when running dipseys, cores, coppers that having the exact depth is really not a benefit in my eyes.  Getting the general depth of the temp range you're looking for on your rigger counter is good enough.   I run 13lb pancakes and have never seen large variances in counter depth vs x4d until you get way down and at that depth do you really need to know the temp.  Guarantee 95% of the time it will be mid to low 40's down past 150.  Anyway that's my $.02

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The X4 will do probably 95% of need. Speed versus currents plus temps is biggest bang from the system. Maintaining good lure speed, adjusting speeds, changing speeds at the ball can play huge in triggering a strike.

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