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Muskegon 5/24pm and thanks for the tow

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1 for 1 out of Muskegon from 6-8:30pm.  Set up in 120', went out to 185', headed back east and picked up an 11# King in 170' on a full core with a Blue Dolphin spoon.  That was the only action for me.

Third time out this year and the boat has been running great, until last night.

Cruising back in about 26-27 mph and everything was fine until the boat just plain died right out in front of the Muskegon pier heads in 50 fow.

Two other boats responded to my call for help on the radio and one boat with a father and son team out for a shakedown cruise came out and towed me back in to my marina.  Thanks Ryan and son!  You guys saved the night for me.  Great to see fisherman and boaters helping each other out.

Talked to my mechanic this morning and obviously, until he looks at her, he's not sure what it is, but, thinks it could be the ignition module gone bad.  Boat turns over but just will not ignite.  Mercruiser 3.0 i/O, by the way.


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