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Grand Haven, 5/23 am, 14-19

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3 man limit on big kings, plus 5 coho.  Could of had more if we had more people in the boat.  160-180 fow, 40 to 70 ft down.  Green paddle went 4 times down 70 on a rigger.  Green moonshine flounder pounder went 4 times on a braid mag diver, 1 setting, back 91.  Got two on meat.  All baits pictured took fish.  SWR down 40 did well.

Thanks for all the help with my first GH trip. 




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1 hour ago, Damn Near Killed Em said:

Thanks for the detailed report.  Trying to decide which of the ports to go out of between SoHa and Grand Haven tomorrow morning.

Will be going out of Holland good luck where ever you decide. 

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