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Fished this morning until about 1:30 with Dan Agnello and Denny Laskowsky. Went 11 for 18. 7 nice kings, 3 coho and a laker. Took fish from 100' to 135'. Spent most of our time going in and out of 120'-130' slightly NW of pier. Moonshine RV Flounder Pounder on a SWR set up on two DR's running 65' and 75' down, white/green spin doctor meat rig combo on a dipsey diver set on #3 back 175 and full core with a standard Warrior Elite UV "Whammy" spoon took most of the fish. 





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29 minutes ago, uplander01 said:

Great catch.  We've managed to pull a few kings out of the water this week out of port sheldon.  Are you guys seeing any food in the bellies of the fish you're catching?

Not sure. The fish cleaning station was a zoo. Folks waiting in line, so I was focused on getting it done. People do say the ones they are getting have full bellies. 

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I fished with Tarrey and agree fish cleaning shed was a zoo but did find Alewives in the first one I cleaned then just had to get it done but did hear several others say the bellies were full and Brian the DNR Creel guy also mentioned the same as he was checking the bellies of several fish from other parties.  Great day on the water with buddies Tarrey and Dan

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