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South Haven 5-16 pm

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Got out tonight and setup in 110 a few miles south of the pier heads. Started getting fish right away. Went 11-11 releasing a small lake trout.

Best troll was south/south west. Had to keep turning the boat to get hits so bumped the speed up to 3.0 on the fish hawk.

What worked:
4-4 - 300 copper silver streak mag blue dolphin
2-2 - 350? copper pro king 8" paddle - mt dew tape and yellow fly
2-2 - wire diver back 170 - green/blue spinny and meat
1-1 - wire diver back 120 - pro king 8" paddle - chrome/green with green/white fly
1-1 - downrigger with uv 11" paddle and green white fly
1-1 - slide diver back 120 with mixed veggie color mag moonshine flounder pattern (unsure of name)

3 fish over 20 lbs, average weight probably about 17 lbs.

Get out there and go get em!

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