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Headed down to St. Joe to fish with my 89 year old uncle. We went 6 for 8 all kings. Total of 70#.  He worked me hard with my littleboat manual DRs. Fished 12-3pm. Ran 210cu, 250cu and 9C with caramel and green dolphins plus a Hud, all mags. DRs had "nickle nuts" and "mirage catch a bunch" flies with light green crush and protroll fin chartreuse paddles.
Trolls were north and south at 2.5-2.6 sog at 85-97fow. DRs were down 46 and 67 feet with 18ft leads. Had one triple when we hit a school. Fished painted well on sounder. Catching kings was like dipping for minnows at the baitshop.
Surface temp was 53  with spots as high as 55, drs temps were 45.6. We could have easily got our limit, we couldn't close the lid as it was, but I could see my uncle was tiring and I needed to get him back to the launch. It was a great day!

2018-05-08 19.12.43.jpg

2018-05-08 19.12.25.jpg

2018-05-08 19.13.16.jpg

2018-05-08 19.15.01.jpg

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