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Good day aboard the King Possible today.  Final tally 20 for 22.  Ended up with 9 lake trout and 6 coho in the cooler.
Fished the morning from 7 am until 12 pm in 70 fow catching 9 lake trout and 1 coho.  Divers occasionally  touching bottom with spin doctors and flies (whites,yellows, greens) was the ticket.  Had 3 lines in for lake trout and 6 rods for kings, but the kings weren't around or weren't interested.
After bagging our laker limit, we ran to 150 and pointed the boat on a NW.  Hit 175 and started getting fish.  Got several more lakers and also quickly hit our 3 man limit by adding 5  coho.  Chrome uv paddles with mirage flies on the wire divers back 200-250 were hottest, but 100,150,200 copper also took fish.  Best fish was an 8 lb coho.  Thought it was a king at first.
Best speed all day was 2.7-3.2 mph.  Speed changes triggered many strikes.
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